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70 ha of Mekong River’s land leased to private firms for 50 years

Kandal: Government of Cambodia decided to rent a 70-hectare of land along Mekong River in Akreiy Ksatr commune, Kandal’s Lvea Em district, Kandal province, to Khun Sear Import Export Company for 50 years as the firm proposes 99 years for development within area.

According to Council of Ministers’ letter dated 2 April 2019, shows that the government decided to privatize 70-hectare of state public land to private land in Akreiy Ksatr and Khsach villages, Akreiy Ksatr commune, Lvea Em district, Kandal and register it at the administration with mandate to own state land.

Office of the Council of Ministers authorizes Kandal provincial administration to sign a permanent lease agreement with Khun Sear Import Export Company within 50 years and can be renewable after the firm deals with residents who plant crops on the land.

Kandal governor Mao Phirun, was quoted by Fresh News on 20 May saying that the land along Mekong River become potential for investors to own but state cannot grant the permission.

That’s why the privatization is needed to make in order to lease 70 hectares of land to Khun Sear Company for only 50 years as relevant ministries and officials get involved in this work in order for companies to have right to develop their own plans.

He added that the company must politically deal with nearly 50 families who enjoy the benefit of land regarding leased state land. Until now, the policy almost resolves the issues with only a few families left.

The representative of Khun Sear Import Export Company could not reach the Government for clarification on the land lease.

Today, Lvea Em district’s land rises dramatically due to the news that the government requests Korean government to build bridge connecting Chroy Changvar to Akreiy Ksatr.

Another bridge is linked from Lvea Em to Kien Svay district, Kandal. While in Lvea Em district, many big companies invested in Borey and flat as well as others pre-purchase land and earn a lot of profits.

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